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Vehicle Wraps in York

Take your branding on the road with custom vehicle wraps

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Are you looking for a professional printer whose business model pillars are: Quality, Competitive Cost and Delivery? Look no further! After several recent orders with Image360; I am amazed at the speed of their delivery, the product quality was fantastic, and the cost was surprisingly competitive. Working with Image360’s administrative staff was a breath of fresh air, a pleasant exchange during every personal visit, phone call or email contact. Robert Denoncourt, Manager of Operational Excellence, Graham Architectural Products

Bob D, Cherry Lane Farm, November 2022.

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Make your message stand out with a vehicle wrap from Image360 York. No matter what kind of vehicle your business uses, our design team has the expertise to deliver a custom solution that works for you. We can install full or partial vehicle wraps on cars, trucks, trailers, buses, vans or any other kind of vehicle you may have. You can also trust Image360 York to take care of your entire fleet of vehicles!

Both full and partial vehicle wraps are fully customizable to your specifications, meaning they can serve as effective advertisements for your products and services – whether you’re standing still or cruising on the highway. We use high-quality vinyl that stands up to the wear and tear of everyday driving and is resistant to ultraviolet rays, meaning they are extremely durable and won’t fade. Plus, by taking the time to pay attention to the small details during installation, you’re ensured a wrap job that will handle the miles ahead.

How can I use full vehicle wraps?

A full car wrap completely encases your vehicle in graphics and lettering to advertise your brand and showcase your products, services or message. They’re a great option for creating a consistent, uniform look across different styles of vehicles, or for when you’re just looking to make a big statement while on the road.

Full wraps are the perfect choice for your company’s fleet of delivery vans, trucks and trailers that see a lot of time on the road. Customized wraps for your entire fleet will make your brand instantly recognizable within your community and better establish your company’s reputation as one that can be relied on. When it’s time to replace your vehicle, don’t worry – vehicle wraps from Image360 York can be removed without any damage to the paint or finish.

What kind of partial vehicle wraps are there?

Not in need of a  full vehicle wrap? There are still partial wrap options that can add professionalism and consistency to your company’s cars.

Window graphics are a great option that can create a fully-wrapped look for your vehicle, without the fully-wrapped price. Using one-way perforated vinyl can allow you to add eye-catching graphics that allow viewers to see your message, without seeing into your car and still allowing you to safely see out. Vinyl graphics and lettering can also be applied to anywhere on your vehicle to display important information about your business, such as your phone number or address.

Partial vehicle wraps, much like full wraps, are completely customizable both in design and scope. Whether you’re looking to add one that covers just a small portion of your car or truck, or one that extends to 75% of the available surface area, our talented graphic design team can bring your idea to life.

A partial vehicle wrap from Image360 York will work with the natural flow of your vehicle’s design to help you stand out for all the right reasons. You can even accent your design with spot graphics, decals, vinyl lettering or window graphics to create a cohesive and comprehensive design.

When you’re ready to take the next step with vehicle wraps for your business, schedule a consultation with Image360 York by giving us a call at 717-757-4909!

Providing Vehicle Wraps to York, Pennsylvania