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The "New Normal" - Post Corona Virus

The New Normal - Post Corona Virus


Let us first start by saying how sorry we are as individuals and as a company to be going through this current crisis. However, we are grateful to have been going through this together. Think about how many people/businesses have struggled through difficult times and no one was there to support them. Fortunately, in light of this pandemic, it seems everyone wants to help in any way they can.

Image360 York has been fortunate enough to have been in business for 30 years. We have a well established base of clientele that will stay with us through this time. We may not be as busy as we were in the past, but we are looking forward to the future, prepared to work hard and put in more effort. So, during these slower-than-usual times, we are looking at the aftermath of such a historic event. This will change our way of living. How we stand in lines. How we meet each other. How we venture around public places. To name just a few. Social distancing will not suddenly disappear. It will become a part of our everyday lives -- but in a new way.

So to plan ahead, we are looking at what we can offer to help.

- Posters and decals that will need to be placed in every public restroom for proper handwashing

- Hand sanitizer stations for every business

- Floor decals or stencils to mark social distancing spaces. 

- Maybe some businesses will have to adjust how many people are allowed in at a time.

At Image360 York we specialze in customizing to your needs! Our Sales Representatives will listen and guide you along with ideas and solutions. We're All In This Together!